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Women Helping Women

Women contribute prayers and $1,000 apiece (or team up to contribute $1,000 together) to help other women. is as simple as that. Maybe we help a woman across the world. Maybe we help your next door neighbor. Women the world over are in need of a sister to reach out to them and offer some help in the name of Jesus. This organization can help you be that helping hand. Or we can help you reach out and grab hold of that helping hand.

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It’s time for The 2017 Gathering!

Grab a friend, we're growing to meet the needs of incredible ministries from Boerne to Kenya, and wherever God calls us in between! Click on BLOG to meet this year's FINALISTS.

The Sister Project Annual Gathering Luncheon*
Thursday, April 6th, Noon
Oak Hills Church SOUTH ROOM, IH-10E at Camp Bullis

*A time to exhale, worship, and hear about how God's using your money and prayers for HIS ETERNAL GLORY through the work of these ministries.