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Our 2014-15 $80,000 Grant Winner is…


“Shut UHHHHHHPPPPPP!” exclaimed JSL Co-founder Brett Mills, upon hearing that The Sister Project had awarded JSL this year’s $80,000 Grant.

Yep, a genuine & atypical response from what is certainly a genuine &  atypical ministry!

Husband/Wife Co-Founders Emily & Brett Mills shared with us at our Gathering last Thursday.


“We go into strip clubs across Texas, build relationships with dancers and club employees without strings attached, and connect them to community and spiritual resources.” 

“The more you’re around [people who need Jesus], the more you realize it’s not ‘them’ and ‘us’. We’re all just us.”

-Brett Mills

THANK  YOU, Sisters!  Your generous giving of your money, time and prayers will allow Jesus Said Love to completely renovate their newly-purchased “home base” in Waco, Texas.  Your money will build/remodel many things: rooms where healing for women who have recently broken free from the sex industry will take place, play therapy for the children of these women, a new kitchen where women will generate their own income, a LOVE retail space, and much more (see floor plan below.)  The Holy Spirit will HEAL women in this place.

Additional congratulations to our 2 $10,000 Grant Winners:

Adera Foundation – Ethiopia

Hill Country Mission for Health – Boerne/Comfort, TX




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