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And the winner of TSP 2016-17 $68,000 grant is……



The Sister Project is so excited to partner with you as you seek to be and share the love of Jesus with women in Malawi. We are especially thrilled that our resources enables you to hire an anesthetist which will allow surgeons to give much needed c-sections to teen moms whose bodies have not matured enough to deliver their babies naturally; thus saving 2 lives in the process! These women’s earthy lives will not only be saved for now, but possibly for all eternity as it is the passion of Child Legacy International to share Jesus’ love with each and every one.  This makes a difference. We praise God for bringing TSP together for such a work as this.

Wish you all could have been on the phone call announcing to them they had won.  Here is their response:

“Oh, my goodness!!!! Praise God!!! We are so thrilled!!!! Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity to partner with Sister Project, we are beyond grateful and feel so blessed to be able to carry on this life-saving work together!!!

We all need to take a minute here at the office to catch our breath and wipe our tears of joy…as will our hospital staff in Malawi when they hear we can now offer c-sections on site thanks to you at the Sister Project!!!”

To our other grant recipients, Grace House and Imani Xchange, we are deeply grateful to also join with you in your efforts to change our world one soul at a time.  You are also making a world of difference for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Thank you for sharing your hearts and ministries with us.

Thank you, Sisters for coming together to help Sisters near and far in the name of Jesus. how precious to get to be a part of all three of these powerful Kingdom works!

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