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April 15th, 2017


Check it out on our blog!

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April 15th, 2017

And the winner of TSP 2016-17 $68,000 grant is……



The Sister Project is so excited to partner with you as you seek to be and share the love of Jesus with women in Malawi. We are especially thrilled that our resources enables you to hire an anesthetist which will allow surgeons to give much needed c-sections to teen moms whose bodies have not matured enough to deliver their babies naturally; thus saving 2 lives in the process! These women’s earthy lives will not only be saved for now, but possibly for all eternity as it is the passion of Child Legacy International to share Jesus’ love with each and every one.  This makes a difference. We praise God for bringing TSP together for such a work as this.

Wish you all could have been on the phone call announcing to them they had won.  Here is their response:

“Oh, my goodness!!!! Praise God!!! We are so thrilled!!!! Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity to partner with Sister Project, we are beyond grateful and feel so blessed to be able to carry on this life-saving work together!!!

We all need to take a minute here at the office to catch our breath and wipe our tears of joy…as will our hospital staff in Malawi when they hear we can now offer c-sections on site thanks to you at the Sister Project!!!”

To our other grant recipients, Grace House and Imani Xchange, we are deeply grateful to also join with you in your efforts to change our world one soul at a time.  You are also making a world of difference for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Thank you for sharing your hearts and ministries with us.

Thank you, Sisters for coming together to help Sisters near and far in the name of Jesus. how precious to get to be a part of all three of these powerful Kingdom works!

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2021 Grand Prize Winner AID THE SILENT

January 1st, 2022

Aid The Silent wins $64,000 from The Sister Project!

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And the winner of our 2020 $80,000 Grant is…

April 22nd, 2020

Based in Guatemala, Story International seeks to empower and equip Guatemala’s most vulnerable through the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ. As a beacon to orphans and families in crisis in Guatemala, here’s a snapshot of how STORY will use their grant award:

Our 2 other Finalists are doing INCREDIBLE work for God’s Kingdom:

Biking4Babies is shining light for the unborn and their mothers throughout America. and Ignite Myanmar is speaking the Good News in a country where 90{f546e7d186fce54698dfd0357f14e2bd66e9deeef664131fb8d48b455e66fa61} the residents haven’t ever heard it.

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2019 Grant Finalists Announced!

February 26th, 2019

WE’RE BURSTING WITH JOY: This year, out of 20 STUNNING applicants, our three Sister Project Grant Finalists are:

Ransomed Life,
True Vineyard,
Atlas & Arrow

SAVE THE DATE to hear more from these three amazing ministries….
our annual GATHERING is APRIL 5, 2019 @ 11:30am at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio. Your vote counts…one of these ministries will win $64,000 & the two others will win $8,000 each.

Evite coming soon. Feel free to invite friends (include them in your RSVP once your Evite arrives.)

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Our Annual Gathering is 9 days away!

March 28th, 2018

Our Annual Gathering is only 9 days away, Sisters!

We hope you will arrange your schedule to attend our ANNUAL GATHERING NEXT FRIDAY, APRIL 6th AT NOON. Doors open at 11:30am & seating starts at 11:45am.

Come meet our four fantastic finalists to learn more about how our invested dollars will be doing Kingdom work this year. Abused, neglected & abandoned children are finding loving Christian families! Women contemplating aborting their own child are seeing the baby within their womb & choosing life! Impoverished & starving Ethiopian moms are filled with hope at the mere prospect of sending their young child to a Christian school! The TRUTH OF JESUS is being shared & is changing lives NOW & FOR ETERNITY!

RSVP BY FRIDAY, MARCH 30th. If you lost the evite (Punchbowl) in your in-box, no worries! Click on CONTACT US & send an e-mail to let us know you’ll be attending. (Be sure to sign-up for friends you plan to bring with you.)

Thank-you for investing as a sister! Thank-you for loving the “least of these” through your resources. May our Father be glorified!

He Has Risen!
Happy Easter!

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Glorious Day at Grace House San Antonio!

September 7th, 2017

Sisters from The Sister Project had a GLORIOUS DAY with our sisters at Grace House San Antonio this summer! We celebrated our 2017 $8,500 Grant Award (which God DOUBLED through a matching $8,500 gift donated by an anonymous sister in The Sister Project!)  THANK YOU to all Sisters who donated money and prayers toward this life-saving and life-giving work.  Thanks to your gifts, women here will have a stable place to soak in Christ thru daily Bible Study, learn life skills, job skills (computer work, how to interview, dress, etc.), and even leave with a repetoire of healthy meals they can cook by themselves!

We toured Grace House, heard unbelievable stories of redemption and healing from women living here, and worshiped in prayer and song The One who brings all true and lasting healing!  May this $17,000 be used to bring Him glory!

The Sister Project sisters and Grace House SA sisters celebrate God’s faithfulness in funding new curriculum, computers and more!

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