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Free Gift

The sisters of The Sister Project wish to extend to you the free gift of a happy ending.  Most every woman enjoys a moving love story that culminates in a beautiful ending.  We would like to share with you the most amazing love story ever told or written.  Its happy ending, though, will be determined by you.

The Love

Although this love story is not the tale of a romance shared between a man and a woman, it deals with an intimacy deeper still:  the bond of love shared between the Father-Creator (God) and His child-creation (humanity—us!).   It is in this bond that we find the deepest of all love.  Unlike the love of humankind, our Father’s love is unaffected by our physical appearance, intellect, ability or responsiveness.  His love is uncontainable, beyond the scope of time and understanding, and existing constantly, NO MATTER WHAT!  His love never gives up, never stops giving, and captures us so completely that we are fulfilled beyond what we ever believed possible.

The Betrayal

This love birthed the Father’s children (us), and provided a plan for eternal relationship and fellowship with Him.  The plan, though, required that the we trust the guidance of the Father, and abide by His protective instruction.  Unfortunately, as first demonstrated through Adam and Eve (the first man and  woman created), God’s children refused to trust and obey.  As a result, the precious intimacy was shattered.  Unfortunately, as Adam and Eve’s offspring, we also suffer the consequence of the disobedience:  death and the possibility of eternal separation from God.  We can see, though, that we are deserving of the consequence as we also continuously refuse to follow God’s instruction.  Whether  we harbor an unkind thought toward another, act out of selfish ambition, or tell a little “white lie”, we fail to follow God’s guidance.  It happens to us constantly as we are clearly full of sin.  Nonetheless, God’s love is unfailing and would not tolerate the outcome of death and separation.  Instead, GOD’S LOVE, BIGGER THAN ANY DISOBEDIENCE, PROVIDED FOR RESTORATION OF THE CONNECTION AND INTIMACY THAT WAS LOST!

The Sacrifice

Unfortunately, restoration of the relationship would come at a high price.  Still, God did not hesitate.  He   offered the life of His son, Jesus, as the means by which to bridge the gap.  As both God and man within one body, Jesus was uniquely qualified to bring together a holy God with His disobedient children.  In the Bible, John chapter 3 verse 16 tells us that God loved us so much that He sent His son, Jesus, to die on the cross in order that we might be with God forever.  Jesus, though, did not remain dead.  Instead, He conquered death by rising from the dead after being crucified.  Jesus’ ability to defeat death shows that His sacrifice was enough to overcome the disobedience of humanity and assure us that we can be with our Father for eternity.

The Restoration

God’s perfect love does not force us to accept this restoration of relationship and intimacy.  He has extended His hand and heart, with us retaining the right to accept or reject Him.  With the acceptance of the restored relationship comes the happy ending.  We are then able to spend our time on earth in fellowship with Him through His word, the Bible, and through prayer.  Also, we are able to rest in the knowledge that we will spend eternity in Heaven enjoying the beauty and abundance of restored intimacy with our Father-Creator.  Rejection of the restored relationship, though, does not result in a happy ending.  Eternal separation from the One who created us and loves us is the consequence of our refusal.  This eternity is described by the Bible as an existence in Hell filled with suffering at the hand of God’s enemy, Satan.

God’s indescribable love demonstrated through the unbelievable offering of His perfect son made available to us despite our disobedience inspires within us a surrender that comes naturally to the truly grateful heart.  As we surrender to Him, we are filled with His love for humanity.  This love may begin as a small light, but through the miracle of God living in us and changing us,  grows to become a bright beacon!  The sisters of The Sister Project pray that the light of their good deeds will reflect the face of their Savior as opposed to the countenance of any woman involved.  It is our prayer that you will also find the happy ending and share in a light capable of overcoming all darkness!

The Happy Ending

The Father  teaches us that accepting the restored intimacy with Him is easy to do.  It involves belief and action.  First, you need to believe that you are disobedient  just as your ancestors, Adam and Eve, were.  Second, you need to  believe that your disobedience has caused a break in the connection you share with God as His child.  Third, you need to believe that Jesus died and rose again in order to defeat the death that was deserved by you.

Now comes the action part.  It involves crying out to your Father-Creator and telling Him that you accept his offer of restoration.  It is as simple as that.  Of course He knows your heart, and does not need you to say anything out loud.  That isn’t the point.  Your “crying out” is an act of surrender to Him and acceptance of His offer to restore you to Him through Jesus.  As you make the choice to submit to His authority and participate in the restored relationship, you will experience renewal of heart and mind.  We encourage you to pray, read the Bible, and begin to attend church.  As you do so, you will find yourself lighting up with the love of Jesus Christ!  Shine on, sister!  To God be the glory!!

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