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The Sister Project is a “giving circle”.  It involves a group of women who come together to pool their resources for the purpose of making a more impactful combined gift.  As an “open grant” giving circle, The Sister Project collects donations from our Sisters and then sets annual grant awards based on funds collected.  The Sister Project is designed to award grants from women who annually contribute $1,000 each.  Since our founding  10 years ago, this has resulted in nearly a million grant dollars being donated to further the work of Christ!

The Sister Project accepts additional donations made on-line or in the form of a check.  As with the contributions of the sisters, the money donated is maintained in a fund managed by  The Signatry, a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  Signatry’s non-profit status ensures that all money given through The Sister Project is tax deductible.

CREDIT CARD DONATIONS may be paid through The Signatry, the authorized agent of The Sister Project. There is a convenience charge of 3% added by The Signatry to cover credit card fees.  To ensure that your entire donation reaches the grant-winning ministries, for ONLY those who pay on-line, please add the extra 3% to your donation to cover the credit card convenience charge fee.


DONATIONS BY CHECK may be paid to The Sister Project.  You may give your check to your Sister Project contact or mail it to:

The Signatry
Attn: Jacquie Winter/Sister Project Fund
7171 W. 95th Street
Suite 501
Overland Park, KS 66212

The Signatry will provide you with a receipt for this tax-deductible donation.  THANK YOU for your generous giving!  In the decade since our founding, God has pooled our resources to give nearly a million dollars to responsible ministries near and far…these ministries are making an impact in the name of Jesus!

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