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Women Helping Women

80-100 Women contribute prayers and $1,000 apiece (or team up to contribute $1,000 together) to help other women. is as simple as that. Maybe we help a woman across the world. Maybe we help your next door neighbor. Women the world over are in need of a sister to reach out to them and offer some help in the name of Jesus. This organization can help you be that helping hand. Or we can help you reach out and grab hold of that helping hand.

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Come to our 2022 Gathering!

Calling ALL past, present & future Sisters: join us as we give away our ONE MILLIONTH dollar and celebrate a decade of God’s faithfulness at our 2022 Gathering. Grab a friend & enjoy a Silo-sponsored catered lunch while you hear from our INCREDIBLE 2022 Finalists.
Thursday, April 7th, 11:30 at Cross Mountain Church on Scenic Loop Rd.


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